THENNEERA is the sap collected hygienically from the spadix (Flower) of coconut tree, chilled and tetra-packed.

The most important fact is that THENNEERA is a 100% Natural Extract without adding any preservatives and with zero Alcohol presence. THENNEERA is before the stage of Tender Coconut Water. THENNEERA contains abundant quantities of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants .It is Low (35%) GI Index- Diabetic Friendly, Probiotic-Helps Digestion. It is highly Energizing and an Excellent Immune Booster. Highly Nutritious suitable for all Ages.
With the sole aim of raising the falling standard of their living, we, the GLOBAL COCONUT FARMERS COMPANY LTD., a Farmer Producer Organization, are coming out with a DIVINE NATURE DRINK, THENNEERA

Benefits of Thenneera

Suppliments iron & vitamin deficiency
Highly nutritious for all age group
Improves digestive system
Low glycemic Index - Diabetic friendly
Contains anti-oxidants
Immune booster

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Thenneera is a Refreshing Nutritious drink that gives a cool feeling to the body. Thenneera is hygienically tapped and tetra-packed without preservatives with a shelf life of 9 months. Thenneera is less in calories, Low GI Index apart from being sweet and Delicious. Thenneera is a healthy alternative to aerated beverages.

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